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DRINKING ALONE is made of a broken wine glass, rose thorns and a glass eye, sitting on a wooden placement. The Corona has introduced Social Distancing into our lives. Many of us are lonely, and miss the company of others. Social activities have become dangerous and has left us isolated. The broken glass and the thorns address the painfulness of loneliness.

Grösse 10 x 10 x 15cm

Monika Teal

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My art reflects the world around me. It speaks to our relationships with each other, and with the natural world.


Teal Monika
DRINKING ALONE speaks to loneliness and to those of us who feel alone, far from our families and loved ones. Consolation comes in many forms, one of them being alcohol. This work speaks to the desperation of loneliness in the time of Corona.
broken wine glass, thorns, and glass eye
5 kilograms
10 x 10 x 5 cm