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The COVID-19 pandemic has been the trigger for overwhelming emotions. In these exceptional times, the fear of the unknown could be paralysing and leave us in the wait for the “normality” to come back. I want to believe that we are not waiting to go backwards, but that we can use this opportunity as a catalyst for change, to rethink our future, as individuals and also as a community.

I’ve used these times of confinement to slow down the pace, to eradicate the inner agitation and make space for calm and peacefulness, setting a breeding ground for a work that requires effort and perseverance: introspection. Who are we? What is our purpose in life? What do we bring to the society? How to cultivate humanist values? These are some of the questions I have exposed myself to and that I’m proposing to the viewer of this series of autoportraits.

Vincent Ghilione

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Photo Corona (Photo Schweiz)


Introspection (2020)
Ghilione Vincent
60 x 40

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