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Lookdown in New York

Watercolor series, Self-portraits and other topics painted during the lookdown in New York, the longest time in my life without seeing my family in Switzerland and the longest time without seeing anyone else either. No studio and no space, the artworks are small size watercolors painted on my desk in the living room.

Ivana Falconi

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Several catalogs from group exhibitions and a solo catalog published by the Museo Cantonale d’Arte in Lugano. Called Memorabilia. See my bio on the website www.ivanafalconi.com

Please see the complete lockdown series on Instagram:

Unfortunately at the moment I’m working only on my iPhone and I was unable to download properly the images. Sorry for the temporary lack of technology. You’ll be able to see all the artworks related to the pandemic on my Instagram page. Thank you https://www.instagram.com/love_the_little_monster


Self-Portraits in quarantine (2020)
Falconi Ivana
Watercolor on paper, not framed
300 g
22,9 x 30,5 cm each (American A4)

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