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Covid Joggers Act (CJA)

The Covid Joggers Act (CJA) is defined as being a progressive appropriation of the form of a red dot. It is an extension of a larger project (#PrivacyFreeZone) that began in 2011 which explores the relationship between regulations and formal representations. It emerged spontaneously as a reaction to the corona pandemic. A symbolic correlation has been conceptually established with maps. They are tools to visualize and document the frequency, diffusion, and connection of dots among cities. The visual representations of the contagion of the virus create an unprecedented dialogue. The red dots are the synthesis of a larger archetype for the pure form of a red dot. During this pandemic, the archetype has distinguished this as fundamentally a symbol for the coronavirus. As all visualizations of virus spread. The CJA red dots symbolize a tribute to the associations that occur in these urban areas, directly and indirectly, no matter what micro and macro circumstances are ensuring.

Covid Joggers Act (CJA) (Matteo Fieni, Danielle Lopez-Cecetaite)

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See the document "visarte-corona-cja.pdf" uploaded in the file section for all the details, documentations, links to press releases (30 pages).

1. The submitted document contains the completed pdf with images, detailed links and press releases (30 pages in total). 2. MapHub also serves as the "official" archive where all the relevant documentation can be found. By the end of June, there will be over 800 red dots documented. 3. The official link for the CJA map is excluded from the file but will be sent to judges. (see disclaimer in the pdf)


Covid Joggers Act (Privacy-Free Zone extension) (2020)
Covid Joggers Act (CJA) (Fieni Matteo , Lopez-Cecetaite Danielle )
See the attached pdf in the file section for the description of the project.
Red dots (stencil, stickers mainly)
Mixed media (Ready made, progressive appropriation, urban mapping, visual metaphor, adaptive installation)