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The Elephant in the Room (series)

In the beginning, there were worries: will there be food? Will there be enough medicine?
Afraid of what’s coming. Not knowing.

Working with newspaper
Newspaper is fragile.
Pages are filled with images. I look for those with the fewest.

Headings on the pages
Heads (And lines?)

Worried faces in the papers now seem rather bored.
The mood has changed. Emotions are different.
All this comes together in the newspaper, here
many levels come together.
Life goes on.
The background continues untouched. At the same time there is fear, worry, distrust.

Suddenly, it looks like a zoom meeting. All these faces. People together
but without the familiar body-perceiving-body, without comprehending the physical.
Connections are flat,
Complexity is reduced to one level.

Shaun Dziedzic

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Dealing with a special time and the Newspaper.
Paging, skimming, perceiving. Things come together that don’t
normally come together or belong together.

The elephant in the room is what you say when…


The Elephant in the Room (2020)
Shaun Dziedzic
The 49 drawings (oil stick on newspaper) return to their origins as pages of the “news”. Bound together, they are read in performance by one or two people who sit and casually turn the pages, reading out and sharing the still-visible parts of the texts.
Oil Stick on newspaper pages.
Series of drawings bound back into “newspapers” as part of performance piece
Various newspaper formats