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Studio, Corona and visions of extasy

The Virus Corona hit me hard in the beginning of march and I had to stay isolated in the studio without any contacts with the outside world for five weeks. I was doing the christian fasting which was interestingly in the same time, not eating much food, no alcohol, sex, etc... and I was reading about the christian monks in Egypt who follows the path of Saint Anthony. For those not familiar with christian iconography it is the Saint who had to fight the demons so often depicted in art.
When you get cut off of the outside world for so long, you get really aware of your thinking and the images that are there. These becomes omnipresent in your reality, almost like daydreams or visions. Despite my physical weakness I was able to paint and draw and therefore record some of them.

Jon Merz

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2017 Jon Merz, Bilder sammlung (2014 – 2015), Materialverlag HFBK Hamburg
2014 Blue, galeriemilieu, Bern
2011 24 pages, l’artiste l’assistant
2010 Fluck/Paulus, exhibition catalogue
Platform 10, exhibition catalogue
2009 69e biennale de la Samba,

I don't really understand which document to upload here. All pictures used in this documents are copyright from Johannes Jost and myself.


Weirdo im Wald (2020)
Merz Jon
a ghost like figure walking through a forest of abstact proportion
oil on canvas
10 kg
100 x 120 cm

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Drawings (2020)
Merz Jon
Different drawings of various aspects
200 gr
21 x 29,7 cm

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paintings (2020)
Merz Jon
Different paintings of various and curious subjects

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