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When Strawberries Will Grow on Trees, I Will Kiss U

When Strawberries will grow on trees I will kiss u, deals with my perception of solitude.
We live in a fast society, where the need to evolve and be successful is presented and advertised as one of the only solutions to be happy. The fact you don’t have time to think about your loneliness, comes from your stressful daily life, as a sort of research to avoid to have time for yourself, and in my case, escaping from my biggest demons that are probably all driven by me.
A mental door close behind me, avoiding to profit from external help, and finally dealing with my fragilities. Doing an artistic project becomes for sure a sort of therapy, a key forged with time in order to deal with this mental door.
When Strawberries will grow on trees I will kiss u becomes a journey between nostalgia, sarcasm, and erotism, driven by a particular need to seek for a difficult balance with myself that it might be impossible to achieve without the love and consideration of another human being.

Nicolas Polli

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The project has been entirely realized during the lockdown and has not been published anywhere at the time of my submission.

I present here the project as a book because I feel that at the stage I am now is what it works the best, but exhibitions and other ways of presenting it can be perceived in the future.


When Strawberries Will Grow on Trees, I Will Kiss U (2020)
Polli Nicolas
Everyone has different problems in life and more than ever in 2020 I perceive it. A song of an Italian trapper says: “Yes I know that also the other suffer, but for sure with your ass on a Ferrari it's more comfortable”. This sentence can highlight different elements, for sure the inequality that surrounds us in life. I realized that we need to fight for equality, even if we are not the one being directly confronted with this, we need to listen, understand, and help. Even if we have our small demons and daily problems, there is for sure someone that suffers more than us, someone that needs our help and consideration. If the other shine, we will also profit from their sun.

I have used this project as something positive in my negative perception of solitude, I hope this project can make people ponder and hopefully shine.
Photography, different materials from my daily life

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