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We don't care about us/When they kick at your front door

What about the art in all this?

We don't really know when it will end, and even if there is an end to the crisis, the world will not be the same afterwards.

Everything is said in this sentence written for the statement or almost. The functioning of the art world will have to adapt to the post-crisis period and it is up to us, the actors of this world, to fight together to make our ways heard a little more. It is important that we start again on a healthy and fair basis and now is the time to do so.

Alexeï Monney

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The color processing on the video is still to be worked on.


We don't care about us (2020)
Alexeï Monney
The work was the performance, the result that was filmed is only a support that allows the understanding of the act itself.
durée 43 minutes

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When they kick at your front door (2020)
Alexeï Monney
Prototype of a vampire denture for children (as in the photographs) made of papier-mâché. Simple material, ecological because it is recovered and can be worn by anyone. The whole balances between a work of an ensemble of the sculpture that could be reworked in metal in the future and the series of photos that I continue.
120 x 160 x 100 cm

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